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Georgia / Vertical Integration


Moderate weather, Strong winds


14 M Pullets, Broilers & Breeders per year


Payback On Investment in 3 to 4 years

אודות הפרוייקט : Chirina

Chirina is a full vertical integration poultry project incorporating all the production chain, from seed to fresh meat.

Chirina is the largest, most advanced agricultural green field project in Georgia. Phase I of Chirina was erected between 2011-2013 and is a full vertical integration project combining Pullets, Breeding and Broiler farms capable of growing 5,650,000 birds combined. In addition, the project incorporates a laboratory, modern hatchery, meat processing plant, grain elevator, feed mill, compost site and grain fields to produce 6,000 tons of fresh meat per year – over 12% of Georgia’s consumption.

Chirina combines Agrotop’s knowledge in engineering, construction methods and technology in all areas of poultry farming. Agrotop was involved in the selection of the Chirina team and performed an extensive transfer of know-how to maximize the potential of the project. In addition, Agrotop’s onsite and remote support to the Chirina team during the first years of operation is underway. The project is being expanded to grow 14,000,000 Broiler birds and produce 24,000 tons of fresh meat per year.

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Thousand tons of grain storage capacity


Million eggs laid


Km Radius

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Full Vertical Integration




Know-how transfer

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