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אודות הפרוייקט : Emek Haela Eggs

The Emek Ha'ela Eggs project is a pilot project for Agrotop’s new vision for future poultry houses. Not only is it beautiful, efficient, and environmentally friendly, the results achieved are better than the official breeding company manual.

After Agrotop’s design for “best future layer house” won first place in the Israeli ministry of agriculture’s competition, Agrotop seeked a partner to make its vision come true. Emek Ha'ela Eggs, a company that has a long relationship with Agrotop, decided to set up its newest and largest layer house by the new design.

The house grows 60,000 layers according to the new European legistlation. The structure is round shaped and blends perfectly with the natural surroundings, requires minimum land work, keeps a high level of bio-security, utilizes renewable energy and operates with very high levels of efficiency. Some of the systems in the house include a micro-climate system, dust, odours and light filtering and remote control of the house. A unique patented wind turbine system, utilizing the house fans to produce energy, is installed on site.

Emek HaEla Eggs’ leap of faith proved to be a smart choice. The new design, carefully integrated equipment and the know-how transfer all lined up to produce results better than the Breeding company’s manual ! For example - 327 Eggs per housed hen; Feed consumption 106 grams/layer; In addition, the mortality rate in the project is only 1%, and the Broken/cracked/dirty eggs also comprise only 1% of the entire laid eggs.

An additional layer house following the same design was recently erected in China, and also shows fantastic results.

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Thousands Eggs per housed hen


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