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The VH South project in Tamil Nadu is one of the first climate controlled, deep-littler, heavy breeders farm in India. It is a pilot farm for VH, the largest breeding company in India, to review Agrotop’s natural breeding solution vs. labor-consuming artificial insemination farms.

The VH company is currently the largest breeders grower in India, supplying chicks to the entire sub-continent. VH specializes in artificial insemination farms, a method requiring a large skilled workforce with an unusually high turnover rate.

The VH-South project, designed and built by Agrotop, is one of the first climate controlled, deep-littler, heavy breeders farms in India. It was built as a pilot project to demonstrate the advantages of Agrotop’s Combi-Tunnel Ventilation and Natural breeding solution, designed to raise growth results while reducing labor costs.

The VH-South farm cleverly imitates the natural breeding process of the birds with automatic laying nests which collect the eggs automatically. Combined with the modern climate system and Agrotop’s experts that trained the VH team on the new technology and transferred the necessary know-how, VH has all the tools to switch and use the new technology effectively to achieve the best growth and economic results.

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