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Vertical Integration


Erected in a short time showcasing Agrotops logistics capabilities


אודות הפרוייקט : Yola

Built for the AgriTed company in the isolated Nigerian jungle, this medium sized greenfield integration project provides breeder and layer chicks to the local industry. It includes a hatchery and houses for Broiler breeder pullets, Broiler breeders, Layer-breeder pullets and Layer breeders, as well as commercial layer pullets and commercial layers.

The Yola project is a medium sized integration of broiler and layer houses. Located in Nigeria, it was erected in a relatively isolated area and under strict timelines, possible due to Agrotop’s proven logistical capabilities. The relative isolation contributes to the high bio security standards of the complex, along with smart design, high quality construction and modern regulation and disinfection.

The Integration includes both Broiler and Layer houses for Breeder pullets and Breeders, with a hatchery that hatches the hatching eggs. The high quality chicks are distributed to Broiler and Layer farms throughout the country. The project also grows commercial layer pullets and commercial layers that produce eggs to sell on the local market.                

Yola is a modern, almost fully automated project. After erection, Agrotop performed a transfer of Know-how on management and operation of the project to the customer, and continues to provide support. The project has been showing great economic results due to strong, high quality chicks, and is planned to be doubled in size in the future.

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