A delegation from Bitrade, which provides farm systems and solutions to the growing poultry and livestock industry in the Philippines, visited Agrotop in Israel last week. During the visit, the two companies agreed on expanding the collaboration to work together in all branches of the poultry and pig industries.

Dr. Arnel Amurao, a senior executive at Bitrade, which represents Agrotop in the Philippines, headed the delegation on the four-day visit.

Agrotop has been working closely with Bitrade for a number of years and the two companies have successfully concluded several large projects. Agrotop and Bitrade jointly offer a complete turnkey solution to any size client in the Philippines.

During the visit, the team met with Agrotop’s management and clients and discussed ways to strengthen the partnership between the companies.

The visit included:

• Visiting various Agrotop projects in Israel with an emphasis on taller buildings

• Meeting with potential clients

• Work meetings with heads of departments at Agrotop

• Visit to the north of Israel to see the holy places

“The relationship with Bitrade is going from strength to strength,” said Agrotop’s CMO and founding partner Gavriel Pelleg. “The past year has been characterized by an increase in business activity, including the beginning of work with major new clients and repeat orders from existing clients.”

Pelleg added that the two companies were working together in all branches of the poultry and pig industries.

“We have been building projects both for large national companies and for individual farmers, who are often contract growers,” he said. “Because of the nature of the cooperation with Bitrade, we can provide a solution that is personally tailored to all clients.”

“This was a great opportunity to be able to repay hospitality to Dr. Arnel who has hosted me many times in the Philippines,” said Stanley Kaye, business development consultant at Agrotop. “The visit was capped by successfully signing an agreement with major clients.”

“Relations with Bitrade are reaching a new phase. We already have permanent staff in the Philippines to supervise the building of the projects and are now working on developing joint capabilities for supervision with Bitrade to enable us to give the best service to the clients at an affordable price,” Ron Ben Chaim, Agrotop’s CEO concluded.