Agrotop has developed an advanced multimedia system that enables all the company workers check and demonstrate how different solutions will work in reality in different scenarios.

Work on the development of the new system lasted four years and it was gradually implemented in the company. Today, each Agrotop worker has the multimedia system installed on his computer, enabling him to demonstrate and simulate the feasibility of different poultry integration projects. The multimedia systems gives the customer the feeling that he is touring a real project and enables him to focus on the smallest details.

So for example, an Agrotop engineer can discuss technical issues with a fellow engineer at another company and examine the different technical specifications of a suggested chicken shed. At the same time, a project manager can show different types of chicken houses with different lighting systems, ventilation and bio-security solutions etc.

Among others to kit provides details on the following solutions:

• Broilers House

• Layer Houses

• Light Controlled Houses

• Turkey Breeder Houses

• Vertical Integration

• Turkey broilers

• Piggeries

• Broiler Breeder Houses

• Mobile Houses

• Alternative Free Range Houses

• Electric Floor Heating

"We in Agrotop are strong believers in innovation in all we are doing. The investment we made in developing the new multimedia system illustrates that we wish to provide our customers and workers with the most advanced tools available in the market," said Gavriel Pelleg, Agrotop’s CMO and founding partner. "By using cutting edge technology, our new multimedia system enables our workers to demonstrate how future poultry integration projects will look in reality."

"We can guarantee that there won't be a situation in which one of our customers presents a problem in a meeting that we won't be able to provide the right solution," Pelleg concluded.    

The media kit has built-in simulators that enable to see how the project will look in the future from different angles. It enables the customer to witness all aspects from within and outside. In addition, it features on top of all the technical material and more than 60 videos with virtual reality aspects and animations as well as dozens of interactive scenarios for presentation.