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About The Cantos Blancos Project

Cantos Blancos is a unique complex of 4 layer houses, where each house is connected centrally to an egg packing center. Unlike the classical planning that separates the houses, this unique design significantly reduced the infrastructure development cost, which enabled an upgrade to the most modern technology.

Cantos Blancos includes 4 layer houses and an egg packing center. The houses include a summer and winter porch, as well as a winter garden. The project also includes an additional rearing house.

Unlike the conventional planning that separates the structures and therefore requires infrastructure development, Agrotop designed the project as a connected complex, where each of the 4 houses is connected to the centrally positioned egg packing center. The complex grows 44,000 birds on an area of only 260x22 meters. All passageway is indoors, and a tailored temperature control system was installed in the complex.

Agrotop’s planning significantly reduced infrastructure development cost, which allowed the client to upgrade to the most modern technology and equipment, at a lower cost than a conventional design with separate houses.

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1. Free-Range Layer Houses


2. Egg Packing Center


3. In-House Engineering

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