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Agrotop’s FAAS round layer house is a demonstration of our vision for the future of layer houses. It is uniquely designed to blend with the surroundings, keep high levels of bio-security and food safety, utilize green energy and maintain accurate climate control, allowing you to achieve world-class results.

Agrotop erected 2 layer houses for FAAS, the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as part of a Consortium of Israeli multidisciplinary Agricultural companies. The layer houses were built entirely by Agrotop to showcase its vision, capabilities and technology.

The first house, growing 12,500 birds, is designed according to Agrotop’s vision of the future Layer house. This design won the Israeli ministry of Agriculture award – It blends well with the natural surroundings, requires minimum land work, keeps a high level of bio-security and food-safety, utilizes renewable energy and operates with very high levels of efficiency.

The inside is cleverly planned and contains top of the line technology. For example, the micro-climate system also absorbs dust and odours and does not release them to the outside air, The cell shape is planned in a way that the laid eggs roll to the conveyer immediately and are kept clean and healthy.

The second house is Agrotop’s mobile free range house, the perfect solution for entrepreneurs wishing to start growing free range broilers and layers. The mobile design allows for maximum flexibility of production. No damage is done to the land as there are no foundations or concrete floor.

Mobile houses often do not require building permits and in other countries a quick permit process is available. Agrotop has assembled mobile houses in multiple countries around the world – in Europe, Australia, China and more, and has gained experience with different regulations, enabling a quick smooth process for our clients.

Both houses are managed by FAAS with training and know-how transfer from Agrotop during the first year, with fantastic growth results.

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