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About The San Miguel and Rosario Project

The San Miguel and Rosario projects, located in Saragossa, Spain, each grow 1.2 million layers in 6 large houses. Each house is divided into 10 story-high growing areas to save space, while adhering to all European Union regulations.

The San Miguel and Rosario projects were built simultaneously by Agrotop during the rainy season, allowing the clients to start growing earlier for a faster ROI. In order to save space and adhere to European animal welfare regulations, each of the farms is divided into 10 story-high growing levels. Each of the projects is comprised of 6 large farms that grow 1.2 million layers annually. In order to achieve uniform production of eggs, 2 pullet houses for each project supply 3 different flocks per year. The pullet houses are a key factor in the project, as they reduce dependability in external vendors, allow better control of the quality of the layers and thus higher revenue. Due to an unstable electric grid in the area that can halt the farm's temperature control system for long periods, each of the houses has a unique automatic ridge vent system to release trapped heat in case of a power outage. The project is a joint-venture with Big Dutchman, that supplied the equipment for the projects.

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