Agriculture Division

Agriculture Division of Agrotop

Agrotop Ltd. together with its mother company HAPACH has over 60 years experience in the world poultry sector . AGROTOP’s international reputation is based on the many state -of-the-art, environmentally efficient poultry
projects constructed for some of the largest poultry companies in over 35 countries worldwide.

AGROTOP’s highly-qualified engineers, consultants and technicians work in close cooperation with the foremost scientific and agricultural institutes in Israel and in the USA to produce high performance products customized to meet the customer’s individual needs and requirements. AGROTOP provides value to its customers through comprehensive end-to-end solutions, turn-key projects and a dedicated expert consultancy service. AGROTOP is looking to the future and is at the forefront of the revolution in chicken raising technology. Consumer concern at chicken raising conditions prompted AGROTOP to develop its award winning fully sustainable "green" industrial chicken coop.

When you choose AGROTOP you can be sure that you will get the poultry project that is right for you.