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אודות הפרוייקט : Toopran

The Toopran project, growing 150,000 Broilers, is one of the first modern broiler projects in India. It is located near Hyderabad in an area with extreme weather conditions and unreliable electric infrastructures. Despite this the project delivers excellent results with the help of the smart design and all-season onsite training by Agrotop.

The Toopran project is Agrotop’s first project in India, a country starting the transition from simple low-tech poultry houses to modern state of the art automatic houses. Suguna Foods, one of the largest broiler meat companies in India, chose Agrotop to design and construct its first modern broiler project.

The project consists of 6 large houses that collectively grow 150,000 birds. The houses are equipped with modern feeding and operation systems. The micro-climate system was designed to maintain the bird’s comfort zone while the project is located in an area with humidity and temperature shifts, from low temperatures and high humidity – to extreme highs of 47°C (117°F) and low humidity levels.

In addition, the area experiences frequent power outages for which regular power backup systems were not sufficient. The house curtains are insolated from the surroundings, and an automated system to open the curtains in case of a long power outage was put in place to safeguard the flock.

Agrotop provided on-site training and guidance to the local team for several seasons, to maximize results in each growing season. It is currently run by the local Suguna Foods team.

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