Broiler Houses

Perfect Construction of Broiler Houses

The modern broiler house has to provide ideal conditions for the broiler chicken to reach its genetic potential.

A great deal of investment has been made into improving the broiler chickens through a process of genetic selection. The modern chicken grows much faster and has a much better feed conversion rate than 10-20 years ago. The downside is that the broiler chicken has to be given ideal conditions or it will not reach its genetic potential. Thus the house and its equipment must be designed and constructed to meet the broiler flocks needs as well as the economic needs of the farmer.

large chook farm

Large broiler farm

Key points in broiler house design:

1)      The ventilation system.  The shed must be environmentally controlled. All elements of the ventilation system must be integrated to ensure that the broiler always stays within its comfort range of temperatures. When the chick is small it needs to be reared  at about 32° Centigrade. If not they will become ill and develop less well. This means that the house must have an efficient heating system. Even in tropical countries a good heating system is required so that the birds do not get too cool at night.

Large broilers need to be kept at about 21° Centigrade. If they get hot they will lose appetite and grow slower thus causing a poor food conversion rate. If they get even hotter they will become stressed which will damage their performance and in more extreme cases die from overheating.

Thus the broiler house must be able to reduce the temperature to about 21° (including wind chill effect) even when it is hot outside and even when 30-40,000 large chickens are themselves generating a lot of heat.

Thus most Agrotop broiler houses are built with the Combi-tunnel ventilation system. This gives a great solution to ventilating both when the chicks need warming and when the broilers need cooling.

chook farm in desert

2)      Tightness and control. Environmental control means that we must be able to determine precisely how much air enters the house, where it enters and what its wind flow patterns will be in the house. To do this we must have a tight house. In other words the house must have no leaks. Agrotop houses are designed and built to the highest standards to prevent leaks and get a tight house. All our houses comply to the “Agrotop Tightness Test”.  Close all the curtains, inlets etc, Turn on 2 36 inch fans. The static pressure in the house should be at least 5mm of water or 0.2 inches. You can check your existing houses and see if they will comply with this standard.

3)      Insulation.  Good insulation is one of the most cost effective elements of the house. The insulation is important both in hot climates- to keep the heat out and in cool climates to keep the heat in. Agrotop use a number of advanced methods to insulate the houses depending on the climatic conditions and the design of the house.

4)      Equipment. The broilers must have easy access to feed and water. Thus it is important to carefully integrate the design of the feeding and watering systems with the house design. Agrotop works with all the leading equipment companies and is expert at integrating the systems into the house design.

5)      The human factor. Experience and empirical research shows that  the skill of the poultry grower is a vital factor in achieving success. A very fine poultry shed will only achieve best results if it is run by a trained competent manager. Thus Agrotop has set up a dedicated training programme. We can provide training for new poultry managers. In many cases we will provide an experienced grower to  run the  houses for the first couple of cycles whilst training the local team.

For a picture presentation about how we build Agrotop poultry sheds click here. AgroTop_Project Construction

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